The Iftar Initiative was born out of a desire to extend an invitation to our non-Muslim friends and acquaintances to share a common thing that binds us – food.

We are privileged to be living in one of the most culturally and socially cohesive societies in the world, with almost all of us being able to name at least a handful of our close friends, neighbours and colleagues of a different cultural and religious background, whatever they may be. We tend to spend a lot of our time with our friends and loved ones without a second thought, but what percentage of those friends actually know anything about our belief, traditions and/or why we do certain things the way we do?

One of these important beliefs happens to be the Holy month of Ramadan. A month during which every Muslim around the world goes through a process of reflection, spiritual re-awakening and being mindful of his or her every action at a conscious level. This extends to doing good deeds and offering charity with the less fortunate in mind.

So, in the present climate of fear and misunderstanding, perpetuated around the world through unnecessary wars, geopolitical ambitions and the diktat of the elite few; would it not be a great idea to open our doors and hearts to those that are at least within our immediate vicinity?

It is this very question that has led us to start this initiative to encourage our food service establishments in breaking down barriers and help start a positive dialogue, and with which we hope to start a grassroots movement unlike any other that we have seen in recent times.

All restaurants and food service outlets signed up to this initiative will be offering guests a chance to have Iftar, or ‘break fast’ for at least one evening, if not more, during the month of Ramadan – starting with next year (2017). We are taking this initiative nationwide, so expect to see YOUR favourite local participating.

If they’re not on the list, nominate them! But most importantly, please get involved and spread the word – this is a people’s movement, so something we all need to own for the common good of all.

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